Skruttungen mini fruits are unique in the baby isle. The freeze dried fruits have kept their nutrition in the process andnow have a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.  Nutritous, meaninful and practical. It is a clean product with 100% organic fruit. Just like a toddler snack should be.

Produktinnehåll: Mini Fruits:  ‍‍organic freeze dried apples

Produktinnehåll: Mini fruits: organic freeze dried mango

Nutrition: Energy 1484KJ/351 kcal Fat 1,4g  Saturated fat 0,3g, Carbohydrate  75,2g, of which sugars 68,2g, Protein 5,3g  Vitamin A:  gram Vitamin C  x gram, Kalcium: 75 mg

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This toddler snack is truly Miniature Fruits and nothing else. A healthy snack with no added sugar, well nothing added at all actually.  Astronaut food with its nutrition in tact. Freeze dried fruit like all astronauts know is full of vitamins and well preserved natural nutrition that makes our kids smart creative beings!

Skruttungen Mini Fruits are real astronaut food!

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